Two Things You Didn’t Know About Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating Maryland is a relatively new process in the automotive industry that can make your vehicle look as new as the day you bought it. If despite your efforts to clean, wax, and polish regularly those pesky swirl marks, chips, and stains persist, look no further than a ceramic coating. It could even add substantial value to your vehicle!

What a Ceramic Coating Does

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint that does not break down or wash away. It adds a significant layer of protection on the road because it not only re-blends the original color in with itself, it makes the surface more resilient to stains and UV radiation. Since most vehicles are almost constantly exposed to the latter, the ceramic coating will halt the paint oxidizing process which occurs when the vehicle is in sight of the sun.

A ceramic coating can also enhance the gloss of the paint and even make the surface easier to clean because of its hydrophobic nature, meaning that it repels water. Therefore, contaminants that are picked up on the road are unable to bond to the vehicle’s surface, making the cleaning process that much smoother. Literally.

What a Ceramic Coating Does Not Do

While this fancy new process of protecting your car can aid in the resistance of UV radiation damage and stains, it does not protect against rock chips, scratches, or swirl marks. While small swirl marks are inhibited by a ceramic coating, such as those induced by poor washing techniques, it is important to know that it does not protect against serious scratches. Though water is repelled from the surface, a ceramic coating will certainly not inhibit water spotting, since most water contains dirt and minerals. These water spots will stay on the vehicle until they are cleaned off, but will not damage the paint underneath the coating.

It is also good to know that a ceramic coating prevents you from being able to wax your vehicle ever again, first of all, because the wax will not bond to the paint, and second of all because the coating replaces consistent waxings.

While the ceramic coating is certainly not the end-all when it comes to your car’s exterior, it will absolutely help protect its surface and make it easier to clean. You can rest easy knowing that taking care of your car just got a little less complicated!

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