Tips to Get the Best Shipping Experience for Your Collectible Cars

When it comes to classics, vintage and antiques, very commonly we are going to be protective about them. Every owner would try their best to keep them safe and preserve them. Thus, when it comes to transporting these vehicles, it becomes very important to choose the right kind of shipping company for it.

What do collectibles include?

Various types of collectibles are distributed based on design, age, and scarcity. 

  1. Classics: A classic car simply means the one which needs to be 25 years old. It simply doesn’t mean an old car but some things which need to be aged enough to get this title “classic”.
  2. Vintage: Some may say these cars were built in the years 1919 to 1930. Whereas some say these models were developed in the Brass Era (1896 to 1915).
  3. Antiques: Antiques simply sound like something very old. The Antique Automobile Club of America says that these cars need to be 25 years old to get this title. Whereas some say that they have to be 45 years and older.

What are the risks which these collectible cars face?

First of all, selecting the right kind of transport carrier is very important. An open carrier is good, but your car would be exposed to traffic debris. Thus, selecting an enclosed carrier would be the best for your car though it is a little expensive. Here are the reasons why:

  • There are many cases of car thefts that take place when the cars are being shipped from one destination to another. In an enclosed carrier this risk would be less as the cars are enclosed and open to be seen by the thieves.
  • The greater risk for the vehicles in transit is the scratches, or dents, occurring due to the outside traffic debris. In an enclosed carrier these chances of getting your car harmed will be less.

How to ensure your shipping work is done peacefully?

Choose the right company for your collector car shipping to ensure that you get some peace of mind. Some may offer you cheaper rates but they don’t need to be the best. Choose companies like Ship a Car, Inc. which is one of the best shipping companies in the USA, having a large network of carriers to choose from.

  1. Good research on the company is very important to come to the right decision. You need to check the company’s safety records, their insurance coverages, etc., which will let you know, which one is the best.
  2. Be a responsible owner. Before shipping the car make sure that you remove all the unnecessary contents from the car. Take the pictures of your vehicle inside and outside both before you send your car for shipping services.

  1. Make some small investment in the insurance of your car. Every carrier will have insurance of their own but when things like mishaps happen, the insurance of your carrier will not be enough to cover the damage of your collectible car.

  1. Make sure that you hire an experienced and well-trained auto-broker.

People learn from their mistakes and these small steps will surely save you from bigger losses.

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