The VW Transporter Kombi Is Great for Large Families and Others

When you’re looking for a family-friendly van that offers a tremendous amount of interior space while still looking good, the VW Transporter Kombi is one vehicle to consider. It is reasonably priced and starts at around £18,000, and the lease prices are reasonable as well. In fact, if you’re interested in a VW Transporter Kombi lease because you want to try it out first, you might be surprised by the low monthly notes currently available.

Why the Transporter Kombi?

The Transporter Kombi is popular with taxi drivers, but it is now popular with families, too. If you have a large family or frequently carry around a lot of stuff, the Kombi can make your life a lot easier. What this means in practical terms is that the Kombi is great for both personal and commercial use, and it comes with features such as retaining sliding side doors and large rear opening, to name just a few. The Kombi also comes with the option of a long wheelbase, which adds roughly 40 cm to the body of the van.

You can also get either a low, medium, or high roof, which makes it easy to add up to 9.3 cubic metres of load space, not to mention enough room to accommodate up to six adults. This is one van that offers unbelievable load space and smooth automatic gearboxes, which make for a super-comfortable ride every time. Surprisingly, for a van this size, it still holds its value very wellv, which means you can feel comfortable about keeping it for a very long time.

Are there downsides to leasing or buying this van? Not really, but it might take you a while to feel comfortable driving it if you’ve never before driven a vehicle this size. You may even have to drive it around a bit to get used to the feel of such a large vehicle, but it’ll come to you faster than you think. You might also need a bigger driveway than the one you have now, but once you get used to these things, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without such a vehicle.

Different Models Are Available

The VW Transporter Kombi van comes in a Starline model and a Sportline model. The Starline gets roughly 45 MPG and the Sportline comes with a powerful 204PS TDI engine, so regardless of what you’re looking for in a large-size van, check out the Kombi van the next time you visit a dealership.

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