Scratch-Below-the-Surface Rationale for Replacing a Car Window

One sound that drivers dislike hearing is that of the loud smack of a tire-thrown rock bouncing off the windshield. When that ping results in a significant window chip, you may wonder whether you need to take action. However, this kind of damage is not the only automobile glass issue you may face. Because a good view of the road is important for safe driving, you need to repair or replace any windows that are structurally compromised. Follow these crystal-clear tips for determining when you should replace any of your automobile windows.

Windshield Damage

Damage to windows can range from chips to cracks. Chips may be shaped like a bullseye; fragmented like a half-moon; or pitted like a scooped-out portion of ice cream. Cracks can start out the size of a paper clip before stretching across the glass. Some of these windshield concerns may be repairable. However, when the chip is large or deep or the crack grows larger than three inches, or either obstructs your view, you may need to replace the windshield. Consulting with auto glass Orleans Parish LA will help you determine your options.

Side and Rear Glass Pitfalls

Unlike the windshield, side and rear glass will likely need replacement rather than repair when scarred in any way. Windshields are made of laminated glass, while the other windows on all but the newest cars are constructed with tempered glass; tempered glass is not repairable. For safety reasons, you must replace these windows even when the smallest blemish forms.

Long-Term Wear

Over time, your windshield develops minute scratches over its entire surface. These appear so gradually that you may not be aware of them at all times. You will eventually notice your glass appears hazy under nighttime streetlights. This misty look creates dangerous driving conditions. When your car odometer shows 100,000 miles, call your insurance agent about replacement options.

Peace of Mind

Your windshield serves an additional function in addition to providing a protected view of the environment: According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, the windshield contributes significantly to the structural integrity of the car in a front-end collision. Replacing a compromised windshield should enhance your positive sense of security on the highway.

Car window damages are like splinters under your skin; you are always aware of their presence. Just as removing the splinter can prevent an infection, replacing a faulty window can keep an accident at bay. By consulting with a local replacement expert, you can gain a clear picture of the best approach to making that fix.

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