Important things you need to know about a Driving License in Dubai


It is quite obvious that the demand for a valid driving license in Dubai is quite high. Whether one is going to Dubai to study or to find a job the only requirement that one might have is a driver’s license.


With a valid uae driving license, one can drive cars and other vehicles throughout the city of Dubai and even on some of the outer circuits of the city as well. But it is a different story for those who are looking for an opportunity to be employed in Dubai and for them, there is an urgent need of having an international Driving Licence (IDL).


For those who are going to the country of Dubai on a long-term or a permanent work visa, they will require an extended driving license. This type of license is important and it proves to the authorities that the person has been able to pass all the driving examinations relating to the location he/she is moving to.


These examinations include driving the vehicle on roads that are not in Dubai, attending classes about road safety, and having the knowledge of the traffic laws of the country he/she is moving to. All these points will help the authorities know that the person is a good driver and should therefore be given a driving license. The procedure of getting an extended driving license in Dubai is quite simple and anyone interested can go ahead by following the prescribed procedure.


The first step that one should follow to apply for a car license dubai is to go to the nearest Department and register with them. After registration, one should get himself/herself vaccinated free of cost. Getting vaccinated free of cost is important because after being vaccinated it becomes important to keep oneself fit by exercising regularly.


The Dubai government is also taking measures to ensure that the drivers and their cars remain safe and secure at all times and so one’s driving license needs to be certified by an authorized driving instructor before getting his/her license.


A driving license in Dubai costs approximately Dh5000 and one can obtain this by applying online or at the nearest Department of Commercial Intelligence. The documents that one needs to submit when applying for a driving license in Dubai are the Driving Licence certificate, Passport, identity proofs, Passport card, and driving license fee. Getting an extended driving license in Dubai is not a difficult task.


But one needs to make sure that he/she follows all norms and regulations regarding the driving license to avoid any kind of penalty. If one fails to do so, one might end up in jail.


The law about traffic offenses in Dubai is strict and one has to abide by all the regulations and laws regarding traffic offenses. So one should drive carefully and cautiously and should not speed. One should also make sure that he/she does not drink and drive. One should not play games with the steering wheel and should always wear a seat belt.

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